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I Deliver Growth


Working in multiple fields throughout my career has enabled me to grasp business terminologies only insiders and professionals understand. Retail, Information Technology and Sports to name a few.

I have promoted for a coworking space in the heart of Toronto (Workhaus) through social media with almost doubling their audience in the matter of 5 months. Mostly through organic lead generation and search engine optimization. Email marketing was a fundamental part of business promotion that at one point, generated 15% response rate.

I am currently helping Classlete, a sports panel dedicated to high school athletes, establish its website through search engine optimization, blogging, editorial assistance and email campaigns. The website is expected to launch this summer.

I have six years of experience in Information Technology. As a technology enthusiast, myself, I am confident I can make your technology product/business get the attention it deserves. Knowing the ins and outs of the industry, I know what customers, and businesses require for their needs.

With retail experience, I have met numerous clients face to face. Sometimes you get to let words flow, sound like a friend next door, not like an automated message. Win their heart with passion and keenness to helping custmers.

Feel free to check my resume here

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